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Leading Environmental Waste Container Services in South Florida

Roll-Off Chick: Redefining Waste Management Excellence

Welcome to Roll-Off Chick LLC, your ultimate destination for pioneering environmental waste container services in the vibrant landscapes of South Florida. Rooted in a rich tradition of women & veteran-owned operational excellence, we are here to redefine how South Florida manages its waste - with a touch of innovation, sustainability, and profound expertise.

Customized Environmental Waste Solutions Just for You!

Navigating the Complexities: South Florida’s commercial landscapes are bustling with diversity and vibrancy. Every business has unique waste management needs, and we are here to cater to them with precision.

Tailored Containers: Explore our versatile range of 20, 30, and 40-yard environmental waste containers, designed to meet the diverse needs of non-hazardous waste materials.

Sealed and Tarped: Our heavy-duty containers come sealed and tarped, ensuring the safe and secure disposal of waste while protecting the environment and adhering to regulations.

Efficient and Responsible Waste Disposal

20 Yard Containers: Ideal for small to medium projects, these come in various configurations, including sealed, tarped, and open-top containers.

30 Yard Containers: These are perfect for larger commercial waste, with options for sealed and tarped containers, protecting contents from various elements.

40 Yard Open-Top Containers: For substantial waste disposal needs, these containers are the ultimate solution, providing ample space and ease of loading and unloading.

Responsive and Customer-Centric Approach

Customer Service Excellence: Got questions? Need assistance? Our dedicated customer service team is all ears, ready to support and guide you through your waste management queries and requirements.

Unlock a Seamless Environmental Waste Container Experience

Embark on a transformative journey with Roll-Off Chick LLC, where every service, every container, and every interaction is curated with a singular goal - to elevate your environmental waste management experience in South Florida to unparalleled heights of excellence and satisfaction.

Engage with us, explore our solutions, and let us drive your waste management success story in the heart of South Florida!

• 30 Yard- Sealed and Tarped

• 30 Yard- Tarped

• 30 Yard- Open Top Containers




• 20 Yard- Sealed and Tarped

• 20 Yard- Tarped

• 20 Yard- Heavy Duty Open Top Containers

• 40 Yard Open Top Containers


We offer tarped and sealed containers that include heavy-duty, roll-off vinyl canvas tarps. They're designed to protect the container contents including liquids, sludge, and dry and solid waste, from precipitation, debris, and visibility.This is especially useful when you need effective environmental waste disposal in Ft Pierce, FL and the surrounding areas.

Roll-Off Chick handles a wide range of commercial and industrial waste.

  • Food waste

  • Recalled waste

  • Construction waste

  • Dewatering and sludge waste

  • Pit waste

  • Contaminated soil

  • Metals

  • Liquid waste (Vac Truck pump out)

If necessary, generated waste can be incinerated, and we will provide a manifest, with a witnessed certification of destruction and chain of custody documentation.

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